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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a poorly designed space ...

... or spaces rather!
in class i was asked to take a photograph of something that is poorly designed. rather than picking one space that i think is "ugly" i decided to take a series of photographs of the houses on my morning route to Starbucks. now i must apologize before hand if you live in any of these ho... i can't even describe them as "homes" they're too tragic. 
driving down Aycock towards the Starbucks on Battle Ground i disturbingly noticed this series of "structures" and how dated they all are.
each "structure" is located right next to one of the busiest streets in Greensboro. the front lawns were small and didn't provide an privacy from ongoing traffic. it makes me wonder if children are even allowed to play in their yards due to the danger of cars going anywhere from 30 to 50 mph.
some "structures" had awful traffic signage in their front lawns. which does not help a place that is already lacking in curb appeal.
this "structure" didn't have any sort of path leading to the front door. all you see is "patch" grass and .... is that the front door to the left? i don't really know!
a few ... alright i'll give in ... Homes tried to decorate their front porches and add a little bit of road side sparkle, but sadly they just failed due to their location.
& then we get to the house next to the church and more specifically the churches PARKING LOT ... ew. a busy road in front of you and a busy parking lot next to you? no thank you!
 && i hate to say this, but this church has no appeal to it whatsoever! it doesn't look inviting, warm, comforting, or peaceful as i imagine all places of worship should be. this building, though i'm sure does a lot of good for the community and its residents, looks like an unwelcoming fenced in cafeteria.
now this is my direct, one-sided, with no professional experience, personal opinion. i think all of these places FAIL, but you could always hire me to fix it 

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