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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shapes We Create

[harmonious connections] ... a concept !!
after visiting the Chatham County City Hall and investigating it’s history and the people of this small community, my inspiration for this design gracefully entered my mind.
i was drawn to the thought of a ballet - structured so geometrically in its individual steps and positions yet when combined together the audience only sees a harmonious whole. from this i narrowed my research down to a specific ballet – the Ballet Giselle. its beauty was overwhelming and the story the dance told swept me off my chair. in ballet, the dancer usually conveys the storyline with their facial expressions and excellent body actions - and without a single word being said, i understood it completely and was captivated by the message this particular ballet told.
with this idea in mind i traveled to DC, dreaming of the dancer’s assemblés and rond de jambe en l'airs. while in DC i was able to explore the many art exhibits of the Smithsonian and i quickly discovered a direct relationship between the viewer’s experience of an art gallery and the beauty of ballet. much like the Ballet Giselle, each exhibit of the Smithsonian effortlessly told a message without using words. the spaces were engaging and invited you in to discover its fascinating moments. from the outside experience to its core, every museum was screaming for you to observe every moment that makes up its whole.
using a proper relationship between the parts of the space and its users, the new city hall of Chattham County will invite and engage each visitor. clean and balanced spatial planning with fluid motions will captivate the town. like an art gallery, a unified and organized plan of each separate space, using slight color and material differences will separate and distinguish the individual areas. – and much like the structure of the Ballet Giselle, fluidity and direct proportions will marry together into one unified space.

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